Michael Grace / Designer


Merchant Support


Senior Product Designer



Launched May, 2020



Groupon offers a robust online marketplace for business owners to reach customers with targeted campaigns. In the Groupon Merchant Center, business owners may administer various aspects of their campaigns, redeem vouchers, and monitor results.

To better educate our merchants and expose updated support content served from a new CMS, I was asked to redesign Merchant Support to better highlight self-service options.

The goal was to allow merchants to more easily locate useful articles through a UI that features multiple methods of help discovery: browse, search, smart suggestions, and intelligent contact methods.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

The Merchant Support landing page provides quick access to search, popular articles, and browsing by topic.

The experience works well on screens large and small, and I created new iconography and design patterns to refresh the overall look.

Predictive search provides smart suggestions.

Contact Flow

Questions posed serve to funnel users to the correct contact method (and also allow helpful articles to be surfaced to mitigate the need for contact).

These self-service support tools result in a more confident and knowledgeable business owner through improved access to editorial support content. For Groupon, this means reduced contacts with live staff.