Michael Grace / Designer

Brooks Running

Site Refresh


Senior Interaction Designer


Brooks Running


Launched 2018


eCommerce / Web

Upon arriving at Brooks, I was asked to be part of the “Site Refresh” team. Our goal: evolve Brooksrunning.com into a mobile-first digital flagship.

I provided creative oversight from a UX perspective, acting both as an independent voice and as a liaison between stakeholders and a team of designers. I collaborated with them to create a new visual language – a library of repeatable UI patterns for use across the site.


Before & After

The previous product grid doesn’t take advantage of available screen space.

The new product grid, on the right, allows for more products to be seen and is easier to scan for key details.

On larger screens, a hover state reveals additional colors and product details.

I managed the UX of each core shopping touchpoint, providing hands-on design work, creative direction, and detailed quality control.

We allowed space for content to shine and be prominent. Large typography is used to enforce Brooks’ confidence and expertise in the running space.